Start Your Day With Meditation

Meditation is a great way to calm yourself down before the activity of the day begins. 

buddha garden statue

In the frenzied pace of LA life, lots of things can get lost. Let your sanity be safe from being included in that group. One way to calm down and start your day off on the right track is to practice meditation.

Your efforts don’t have to be perfect – you don’t need a pristine hilltop view of the ocean and complete quiet to center yourself. All you need is a place to sit, and a pair of ear buds. Block out the world around you with some soothing music, sit for a few minutes, and simply close your eyes and pay attention only to your own breathing.

There are many meditation programs you can buy or download, but it’s worth an internet search to find one that might suit you. Mentors Channel offers programs for free on a regular basis. Their current series, “15 Steps to Relax, Relieve, and Restore,” guides the listener through a short relaxation and then plays lovely music. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes.


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